March 29th, 2017




On April 18th, 2017 at 5:00 PM, the Baker County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider a request for a zone change through a Plan Amendment, case PA-16-001.


Richard and Lori Daniels, applicants and property owners, propose to re-zone a ±4.5 acre portion of their property from Timber Grazing (TG) to a Tourist Commercial Limited Use Overlay (LUTCO) Zone. The subject property is identified as Tax Lot 400 of Township 07 South, Range 38, Section 05C, W.M., Baker County, OR (Ref. 10315). The site address is 51078 Anthony Lakes Highway. The request is proposed under the provisions of the Baker County Zoning Ordinance (BCZO) Chapter 670 – Limited Use Overlay Zone (LUOZ), which allows for limiting the list of permitted uses and general activities allowed in an underlying zone when an exception to Statewide Planning Goal 4 is taken. The proposed new zone, an adaptation of BCZO Chapter 520 – Tourist Commercial Zone (TC), is proposed to include 16 Full-Service RV Sites and use of the existing dwelling as a commercial dwelling for business office, caretaker residence, rental, and retail space to accommodate on-site guests.


The Zoning Ordinance requires a Plan Amendment to be processed as a Type IV procedure, where the final decision is made by the Baker County Board of Commissioners after public notice, a public hearing and a recommendation from the Planning Commission. The application and other materials are available from the Planning Department and will be evaluated using criteria listed in BCZO Chapter 670, Chapter 260, and Chapter 620; the Baker County Comprehensive Land Use Plan; Oregon Revised Statute 197.732; and Oregon Administrative Rules 660-004-0010 to 660-004-022. Generally, unless otherwise noted, if a request is found to be consistent with the Zoning Ordinance it is considered consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. 


All written testimony must be submitted to the Planning Department by no later than 5:00 p.m. on the hearing date or submitted in person during the hearing.


If you have questions regarding PA-16-001, please contact Carson Quam at (541) 523-8219 or at The Planning Department is located in the basement of the Baker County Courthouse, 1995 Third Street, Suite 131, Baker City, Oregon.