On December 11th, 2018, at 5:00PM, the Baker County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider County Case, CU-18-004, in the Commissioners Chambers of the Baker County Courthouse at 1995 3rd Street.


The applicant, Enerparc, on behalf of property owner, Hat Brand Land & Livestock, LLC, requests permission to construct a 15-megawatt commercial solar facility. The facility is an alternating current, photovoltaic, ground–mounted solar system, which is proposed to be accompanied by a 22’ wide access road, utility line and an Idaho Power (IPC) equipment pad near an existing IPC transmission line. The facility is proposed to be constructed on ±90 to ±100 acres of undeveloped land, ±6 miles south of Baker City. The facility proposes to sell electricity to IPC. The applicant estimates the facility would have a ±20-30 year productive “lifespan”. The proposed project is located in the Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) Zone on Tax Lot 100 in Township 10 South, Range 40 East, W.M., Baker County, OR (Ref. 8269). Application CU-18-004 will be evaluated under criteria listed in the Baker County Zoning Ordinance #2014-01 Sections 210.03 (A), 210.05(B), 210.07(B), 210.07(G), 340, 345.02, 345.03, 360.02, 360.03, 410.04, 410.04(G), 410.05, 410.06, 620 as well as the Baker County Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The application will also be reviewed under Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 660-033-0130(5) and 660-033-0130(38), and Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 215.274, 215.275, 215.276, 215.283 and 215.296.


A copy of the application, all documents and evidence submitted by or on behalf of the applicant, and the applicable criteria are available for inspection. The staff report the Planning Commission will use in its decision making process for this request will be available at the Baker City-County Planning Department by December 4th, 2018. A digital copy of the documents can be emailed to you at no cost, or a hard copy can be provided for a reasonable cost.


If you have questions regarding CU-18-004, please contact Kara Miller at (541) 523-8219 or kmiller@bakercounty.org. The Planning Department is located in the basement of the Baker County Courthouse, 1995 Third Street, Suite 131, Baker City, Oregon.